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Missy Woods


Missy Woods Makeup Studio is my intimate small-town skin and makeup studio where I believe that self-care and self-acceptance should be at the forefront. Let me guide you in learning to accept yourself because Missy Woods Makeup Studio believes you are unique and beautiful just as you are. Let me find skincare solutions, brow shapes and makeup techniques that fit YOUR style and personality.

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I am a fully licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist of nearly 20 years, however, do not let that fool you. As a born and raised rancher and farmer you will find me, more days than not, without a stich of makeup. My philosophy has been built around this entire principle that beauty comes from confidence in ourselves and that product can only be used to enhance what is already there. Being an industry nerd, I pride myself on keeping up with the latest trends, techniques and products. I have been fortunate enough to have learnt from many of the industry’s best, holla Sir John (aka Beyoncé’s makeup artist).


No one person is created equal and no products are created equal, we are constantly being told we need more by product companies and influencers when that is simply false. I pride myself in offering only professional and pharmaceutical grade products that allow you to get the look and feel that you want with quality products that are designed to do what they say, WORK! Did I mention we are big fans of Canadian-made and cruelty-free products! 

If you have any questions or just want to pop in to say, “Hi”, I would LOVE to hear from you either in the box below or over on one of our social platforms.

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611 Main Street Moosomin, SK S0G 3N0


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Mon - Tues: 10am-5pm

Shear Edge Hair Studio,

Wawota, SK S0G 5A0

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Every second Wed: 10am-5pm

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