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  • What payment options do you accept?
    At Missy Woods Makeup Studio, we are happy to accept all major credit cards, Interac, cash and e-transfer. NO CHEQUES WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Can I book services online, I never think to book during business hours?"
    Yes, we are happy to offer online booking for all our clients. Please see the ‘SERVICES' tab, there is a 'book now' button that will take you directly to Missy Woods Makeup Studio’s booking platform. NOTE: Makeup application for weddings cannot be booked online.
  • What do I need to do when coming in for an eyelash lift and/or eyelash tint?
    If you are coming in for any services involving the eye lashes please make sure you have: 1) been mascara free for the last 24 hrs 2) come without your contacts in, you will be expected to keep your contacts out until the following day. 3) if you have sensitive skin or have any allergies please arrange a patch test at least 24hrs prior to your appointment. (this is done free of charge and only takes 5 min)
  • Can I wear makeup to my waxing appointment?
    You absolutely can, just be aware that the area to be waxed will be cleansed prior towaxing.
  • I am interested in products but I don’t know what will best suit me, can you help?"
    YES, Missy Woods Makeup Studio offers free consultations on all products: medical grade skin care, professional makeup and more. Your questions are never stupid and always welcome!
  • Why do you have a Bridal Contract?
    Missy Woods Makeup Studio has a bridal contract to help protect both the artist and the client. Important information such as dates are confirmed by the contract.
  • I have allergies/sensitive skin, can I get my makeup done?"
    ABSOLUTELY, I am more than happy to research your allergy and make sure the products we use are free from those ingredients. A patch test is mandatory prior to the application date to ensure there are no hidden allergies or sensitivities outside of the provided allergy ingredients. NOTE: reactions can occur at any time, despite having zero reactions during the patch test.
  • What is included in a makeup application?
    Missy Woods Makeup Studio’s makeup application rate is all-inclusive. That means if airbrush foundation is what is best for you, it is included, if you want strip lashes, they are included. The only thing that is NOT included is a touch-up lip kit, this however can be purchased. Bride’s receive touch-up lip kits at no extra cost!
  • I feel more comfortable with my makeup; can I hire you but have you use products out of my makeup bag?
    We can do a consultation and discuss what your concerns are. I have never had a client with a reaction or allergy to any of my products. It is why I use professional grade cosmetics. Using client makeup is unfavourable as the level of sanitation cannot be guaranteed. However, if you are firm with only YOUR mascara or maybe you sell a certain brand of cosmetics, it can be arranged. No discount will be given for using client products. This must be discussed at the time of booking.
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